We hear it all the time, “Put some sun protection on you’ll burn”, “Careful out there, the sun isn’t out but you can still get burnt!”.

We all know what summer and the ever-present sun can do to your skin and how it more often than not can lead to trouble down the road. But why is winter seen as something that isn’t as harsh on the skin as summer is? Maybe it isn’t but the constant cold air can cause havoc on the skin. Leading to dryness and irritability especially with the constantly changing temperatures of being inside than outside. Look at our tips below to keep your skin healthy.

1. With winter it is important to drink plenty of fluids as normal to keep your skin hydrated and use enriching moisturisers to battle any dryness that can occur. Avoid those moisturisers with alcohol and use an enriching moisturiser before you go to bed to blissfully listen to the pitter patter of the rain and the whirling wind. Knowing you have the upper hand in this war against the weather!

2. Forget the scalding hot water as a way to warm up! In many cases there is nothing like a hot shower. Even more so than after getting caught in the winter rain and becoming drenched and miserable. Nothing makes you feel better than a hot shower. Careful though, hot water on cold skin is something to avoid. After being out in the cold your skin isn’t that sensitive to heat as being frozen through it’s harder to feel when water is too hot for the body. Leading to the skin becoming irritated and causing redness.

3. Keep your skin healthy with sun factor….Yes! even in winter the low lying sun is there giving you squinty eyes. It is also still there giving off those fabled UV rays we will hear about forevermore. Skin damage will occur just the same as summer with the sun shining on your skin it is important to wear the right protection.

So, break out the big jackets and co-ordinated scarf & gloves. Winter is here and so is nearly the best time of the year…..Halloween of course!


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