Skin rejuvenation treatments are ideal to maintain the healthy condition of your skin. You can achieve a youthful appearance in your face by investing in non-surgical treatments.


Facial rejuvenation treatments are catered to treat a number of skin issues that include acne, wrinkles/skin ageing, hyperpigmentation, sun-damaged skin, enlarged pores and rosacea.


Below is a list of some of the treatments that we offer at Dermacure Laser Clinic to revive ageing skin and why skin rejuvenation treatments are a decision you won’t regret:


  • NIR Infrared Skin Tightening
  • Dr Schrammek Green Peel treatment




Microneedling can assist with wrinkles, sunken areas of skin, acne, hyperpigmentation and signs of ageing 


It is also known as “collagen induction therapy”, “micro needling” or just “skin needling”. 


The procedure involves a professional therapist using needles to poke holes in the surface to create a controlled injured area of skin to stimulate collagen production in the skin. 


Collagen is the main structural protein in your body that is what keeps your skin, hair and  nails looking and feeling youthful. 


The increase in collagen production in the skin will reveal a more youthful, healthier looking appearance of skin.  It is a minimally invasive procedure and works on all types of skin.


At Dermacure clinic, we offer microneedling on the:


  • Face – £200 for one session and £680 for four sessions
  • Neck – £150 for one session and £510 for four sessions 
  • Face and neck – £300 for one session and £1,020 for four sessions


Dr Schrammek Green Peel treatment


This treatment is individually tailored to the client. Dr Schrammek’s peel formulations are only used plant extracts and other organic ingredients – this means there are only natural ingredients used on your skin which is ideal for those who are particularly health-conscious and prefer a more organic style of treatment. 





Green Peel is an excellent way of delivering clean and even skin with the treatment adapting to the skin conditions of an individual and their personal goals.


At Dermacure clinic, we offer the Green Peel Energy Treatment which includes steam, extraction and green peel. This costs £150 for one session and £382 for three sessions. 


NIR Infrared Skin Tightening


NIR stands for “near infrared”. It is a treatment suitable for those who are looking to get rid of sagging skin, crow’s feet, forehead lines, chin and jowls.


The facial is specifically for skin tightening and works deep within your skin to help the body produce new collagen and therefore produces a natural effect with results that are longer-lasting than injection-based alternatives. Best of all, it’s painless, non-invasive and the majority of patients need no downtime afterwards. 


At Dermacure, we offer this treatment on:


  • Half face – one session for £120, four sessions for £408 and six sessions for £576
  • Half face and neck – one session for £160, four sessions for £544 and six sessions for £768
  • NIR and Clear Lift – one session for £300, four sessions for £1,020 and six sessions for £1,440


We focus on giving the best skin care service to our clients at Dermacure Laser Clinic. 


Based in Central London, minutes away from Baker Street. Our clinic is easily accessible by several transport connections including several bus routes and Bakerloo, Hammersmith & City Lines, Circle and Metropolitan lines serving the tube station. 


What our customers had to say


Valerie C said “I came here for 2 skin resurfacing treatments and I can say that both treatments really helped and gave me amazing results. Overall the service is brilliant, really friendly and lots of help and support is given during and after the treatment. I’ll definitely be coming back for more treatments!”


Sonia Shaheen said “My mum and I are so pleased that we came to Dermacure Laser Clinic for our skin. we had consultations with Eleonora who’s so experienced in what she does and so passionate. It’s always a pleasure coming to the clinic as she gives such good advice and helps throughout. We had the peels done at the clinic and saw a major difference on our skin, noticing they were brighter after 1 session. Having more treatments done by the clinic and cannot wait to see the difference for my BIG DAY!!!  Thank you Eleonora!” 


If you would like to book a consultation, please fill out this form here and give us a ring on 020 7935 3405


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