What is Laser Hair Removal and Why Us?

If you’ve ever suffered from unwanted hair across your face or body, the latest in laser hair removal technology might be the answer you’ve been looking for. Hair can be removed in a painless way using a laser in the most advanced way possible. Thanks to recent upgrades in technology, it’s now possible to get the results you need in fewer treatments and with long-lasting results. It can even be used on fair haired people and suntanned skin, making it a procedure option that doesn’t get in the way of your everyday life. The Pigment of the Laser attracts the light and convert it into Heat. That heat destroys the hair and its blood supply 

Dermacure  isone of the only few clinics in UK to offer two of the Top Laser Hair removal technologies -Soprano ICE Platinum Pain Free Laser and Candela Laser.

Why choose Laser Hair Removal?


The latest technology has allowed laser hair removal to evolve with the times. It used to be a lengthy, painful procedure that people endured rather than enjoyed. Thanks to innovations, it’s now easier to enjoy the treatment and then carry on with your day. Be sure that you’re benefiting from the innovative technology and not relying on old-fashioned, outdated lasers.


More Information

Is Laser Hair Removal for Me?

Laser hair removal is suitable for most people, although the results may vary depending on your individual characteristics. The best results are generally found in light-skinned people who have dark hair. However, there are ways of treating fairer hair too. It’s important to know that grey and white hair can’t be treated by lasers, as it lacks the properties needed to effectively break down under the administered pulse of light.

Before any treatment takes place, you’ll be professionally assessed by one of our therapists. This assessment will identify whether you’re suitable for the treatment and how many sessions it will take to help you achieve the desired results. You’ll also be able to ask any questions you might have and raise any concerns. This process is vital to ensure that you’re receiving the most effective and safest treatment option for you.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal works by focusing laser light on the affected area. Melanin in the hair follicle absorbs this light and is essentially destroyed by the pulse of light. The best thing about this type of targeted treatment is that it doesn’t damage any of the surrounding cells. This makes it an ideal choice for those who need long-lasting hair removal without the long-lasting side effects that can sometimes accompany it.



Area x1  x6 x8
Earlobes £40 £200 £240
Eyebrows £40 £200 £240
Nose £40 £200 £240
Upper Lip £60 £300 £360
Cheekbones £60 £300 £360
Chin £60 £300 £360
Sideburns £60 £300 £360
Jawline £60 £300 £360
Neck £60 £300 £360
Upper Lip + Chin £80 £400 £480
Half Face/Beard £100 £500 £600
Full Face £125 £625 £750
Full Face + Neck £150 £750 £900


Women’s Packages

Area x1  x6 x8
Any Bikini+Peri Anal+Underarms £120 £480 £600
Any Bikini+Peri Anal/Underarms/Navel Line £130 £510 £620
Lower Legs, Any Bikini, Peri Anal, Underarms £250 £1,000 £1,250
Full Legs, Any Bikni Peri Anal, Underarms £300 £1,200 £1,500
Half Legs, Half Arms, Any Bikini, Peri Anal, Navel Line & Underarms £350 £1,400 £1,750
Full Legs, Full Arms, Any Bikini, Peri Anal, Buttocks, Navel Line, U.A. £500 £2,000 £2,500
Full Body Top to Toe £550 £2,200 £2,750


Men’s Packages

Area  x1  x6  x8 
Abdomen & Chest £180 £720 £900
Back & Shoulders £250 £1,000 £1,250
Back, Shoulders & Upper Arms £300 £1,200 £1,500
Back, Shoulders, Full Arms £350 £1,400 £1,750
Full Back, Chest, Abdomen, Shoulders & Half Arm £450 £1,800 £2,250
Full Body Top to Toe inc. Face £650 £2,600 £3,250


Upper Body

Area    x1    x6  x8 
Nipples   £60  £300 £360
Hands & Fingers   £60  £300 £360
Navel Pubis   £60  £300 £360
Underarms   £60  £300 £360
Abdomen  £120  £600 £720
Lower or Upper Arms  £120  £600 £720
Shoulders  £120  £600 £720
Chest  £120  £600 £720
Full Arms  £160  £800 £960
Full Back  £180  £900 £1.080


Lower Body

Area    x1   x6    x8 
Peri-Anal  £60 £300  £360
Feet + Toes  £60  £300  £360
Bikini Line  £60 £300  £360
Brazilian  £80 £400  £480
Hollywood with Peri Anal  £100 £500  £600
Buttocks  £120 £600  £720
Lower Leg or thighs  £120  £600   £720
Full Legs  £180  £900   £1,080

Treatment Details

From 15 minutes upwards


No downtime


No anaesthetic required


Recovery is full and immediate


No pain with this procedure


No Sensitivity


After Treatment

Laser hair removal at Dermacure with the latest laser technology is an advanced procedure and doesn’t generally come with any associated problems. However, as with any skin treatment, it’s important to look after your skin afterwards in line with your therapist’s recommendations. They’ll tell you what to do if you’re concerned between sessions and also give you information about anything you should continue to do to best protect your skin once your course of sessions is concluded.

What Next?

Ready to get rid of that unwanted hair? We’re ready to hear from you. To talk about the laser technologies we use and how many sessions might be appropriate for you, get in touch and we promise to be impartial and help you make any decision about your treatment based on your circumstances and personal aims. If a future without unwanted hair is appealing, contact us today.



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