Thinking of getting laser treatment for skin or hair? Think no further than this blog post where we’ll list out just some of the reasons why coming to Dermacare Clinic is the first choice in getting Laser Treatment.

1. At Derma cure we have the latest in laser technology. Machines such as the Soprano Ice Platinum laser machine is used in the procedures for our clients. The machines are the industry standard and allow for a careful and painless procedure. Which are super quick and have been touted as “lunchtime treatments” being so quick. The machine itself is ahead in terms of development compared to others due to being able to perform on all skin & hair types

2. In London, the clampdown has begun on licenced Laser Technicians. With accidents and incidents happening all over it has become a must to have a fully qualified laser technician. Dermacure has never had to worry about this issue but many have. The use of unqualified Laser Technicians is far more widespread than first thought. With many incidents such as burnings and scarrings occurring to clients. This has never happened here at Dermacure where expert care is taken to make sure that the client is catered to with health & safety the first consideration. With us, you are in safe, assured and importantly experienced hands.

3.Our facilities! We are located in the prime location of Baker Street, Central London. With one room and an experienced technician we are able to give our clients the attention they deserve. With innovative techniques such as Clearlift and I pixel skin surfacing you are spoilt for choice among treatments with the proper detail that is to be expected. Without the quick turnover times and restriction in treatments experienced by other clinics. Due to, again, technicians who do not have the skillset or the facilities to carry them out.

If you are thinking of getting a Laser Treatment for skin or hair consider us Dermacure, making your skin better.


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