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What are Anti-Wrinkle Treatments?

Fine lines and wrinkles that you want to eliminate from your life? No problem. Our Anti-wrinkle facial treatments are the Londons most popular cosmetic treatment designed to remove wrinkles and enhance your appearance. If you find yourself irritated by the signs of stress and ageing, these injections could change your life. Improved self-confidence and self-esteem is reported by clients who enjoy how quick and simple this procedure is. If you’re looking for anti-wrinkle injections in London, call Dermacure today on 0207 935 3405

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Why Choose Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

Our Anti-wrinkle injection treatments at our London clinic are very safe, having been the treatment of choice for patients seeking non-surgical facial treatments for over 40 years. The way that the treatment works means that it only impacts the muscles and glands around the site and does not impact the rest of the body. This means that there are very limited side effects.

This is also a very quick procedure, with the actual injection only taking a few minutes, and it has an average treatment time of 30 minutes including preparation and aftercare. There’s no downtime related to this treatment and the vast majority of clients can return to work or leisure straight away.

Are Anti-Wrinkle Injections for Me?

One thing to note – if you’re really scared of needles, this might not the procedure for you. The injections are only small and are merely uncomfortable rather than painful, but it’s something to be aware of when you’re considering this type of treatment.

If you want a treatment with immediate results that last several months, and which has the distinction of being used across the world by people just like you, our anti-wrinkle injections in London are ideal.

You should not have this procedure if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, if you have a neuromuscular disorder or if the site you wish to treat is infected. It’s also not possible to have this treatment if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

About the Treatment in London

Anti-wrinkle injections are exactly what they sound like – injections to ease wrinkles. So, a series of small injections of Botulinum toxin are made into the treatment area. These injections compel the muscles to relax and this smooths out the wrinkles. This process only takes a few minutes at our clinic in London



Areas x1 Session x2 x3 x4
Upper Face £170 £210 £250 £290

Lower Area

Areas Price
Chin Botox £200
Neck/Jaw Line Lift (Nefertiti neck lift) £450
Masseter Reduction (Jawline Slimming) £250
Gummy Smile £200

Treatment Details

Procedure time including prep and aftercare is usually around 30 minutes

No downtime required so you can return straight to work or leisure

No anaesthetic is required for this procedure

Full recovery takes place within 24 hours

Your skin will be sensitive for up to an hour afterwards

You begin to see results within 4 to 10 days

After Treatment

Immediately afterwards, you may find the injection site to be sore, but this usually subsides quickly. Most people who have anti-wrinkle injections find they can carry straight on with their life, although your therapist will go through any potential problems and warn you what to look out for. This aftercare advice is one of the major reasons why you should choose a professional clinic who pride themselves on their client care. You should also remember the following:

– Avoid other facial treatments for 24 hours
– Don’t take part in strenuous activity for 24 hours
– Don’t use a sauna or heat treatment for 24 hours

What Next?

Do you want to wave goodbye to those wrinkles? Get in touch with our professional therapists today to talk through your options for wrinkle reduction. If anti-wrinkle injections aren’t the right course of treatment for you, there are other choices available and we can help you decide which one is right for you. In no time, you’ll be enjoying your rejuvenated face and smile.

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